Jog routine

It looks quite naive, and a little odd, to write down small pieces of life, espcially in Chinese. I’m being near 30 after all. So I have to write the small things down in Eng or Deu to pretend I’m doing something serious.

Today I  waked once at 3 in the morning, feeling not that sleepy, but under the view that I can’t keep energy that long from 3 am to 11 pm, I kept sleeping. At 5 I waked up again as expected, the Wecker has not ticked to its usual 5.30 point. This time I got up, and read some basic staff about Mysql. 5.30 is the set jogging time. But I decided to take with the old camera to photo the views along my daily jog routine.

Totally I took 8 batteries, 5#, used in 2 groups, but both lasted nicht lange. Fortunately, the batteries persisted just long enough.Uhr, actually the picutures are not as perfekt as I expected, probably because of the defect the camera’s capability and my skill. It’s been long since I first met the idea to take some picture around my living place. My rented apartment is seated 100 meters from Qiantang river, and there is a small inner river and quite large plant around. When I for the first time arrived at Xiasha, I thought the town of Xiasha was well constructed, however I was proved wrong. Xiasha is only a large village.