For long time , at least 2 months, I have been planning to sleep early, as early as 9. But seldom could I keep to rule. Again, it is nearly 11. This week I bought2 books, one financial , and another for computer code. Last weekend I bought a newspaper at the huanglong bus station. It’s been long ago when I read paper seriously, that’s my high school time. Since the collage time I have been trying figure out the relationship between finance and the industry and the economy, but not much enough time was spent on this issue. That’s why the third book was borrowed from the lib last month.

Recently I’m working on a simple CRM software developing, and months ago on some vehicle data management things. So it’s still a big question for me that, choose between RMDB and NOSQL. Today I spent hours on reading some words on the object oriented database’s advantages and drawbacks. It seems a good idea to use NOSQL when working on vehicle datas.

In the act, life has been totally  a mess since last year. The desktop is getting more and more unordered.