Every time meet something always have such a regret that know it too late, since 3 days ago began to look into the robot’s vision and robot competetion, almost 3 three years after the first heard of some robot competetion, and at that time was completely uninterested in it , thinking it was ganz none of my business. However since the day befort yesterday the image system of SNACKBOT really shined attracive. Downloaded the documentation of SNACKBOT from CARNEGIE MELLON’s laboratory, at first thought the image capture only depends on the binocular BUMBLEBEE camare, frustratingly, the really construction of SNACKBOT’s sense and cognition system is far more complex than originally imaged.



It is already past 5, again seems it to have another low point of appetit, feeling nothing in the mouth, head staying on low level of oxygen, even forget what have been check in the afternoon. There are 3 printed copies of essays in the front of the desk, plus another copy from the director, summing to 4. But can hardly recollect what are in these literatures. Maybe should head out for some fresh air. 

// some notes from the literatures

Mobile Robots inc. Peoplebot

高约112CM,被Carnegie Mellon移植到Snackbot平台上。


SICK LIDAR, SICK LMS200 激光测距仪,安装在26.8CM的离地高度,-90~+90度视角,分辨率0.5度,2%的反光率条件下至少3M的测距能力。Matte black cardboard在10%反光率条件下至少10M的测距能力。在达到8M距离是有5mm的统计误差,除此之外还有最高15mm的系统误差

HOKUYO LIAR, URG-04LX 旋转激光测距仪,安装在胸部,-135~+135度视角,最高分辨率0.36度,10赫兹扫描频率。如果所有参数都调节到最高值,传感器会出现盲点。最大4M测距距离,性能取决于反光率,对于亮色衣物可以达到4M测距,对于暗色衣物只能达到2.5M测距。

两者当中SICK LIDAR更为流行一些。




Monocular Point Grey Dragonfly2 Camera, 180度鱼眼.

总体系统控制:ARIA API(Mobile Robot)。教学系统及感知系统:CMAssist(Carnegie Mellon), 从Evolution ER1机器人平台移植而来。两台Intel 2.4G,基于Ubuntu Linux的分布式计算。


ER1 (Evolution Robotics),使用X-beam模块,包含RCM,




retaliation: counteraction, couterattack, counterblow, reciprocation, reprisal, requital ,retribution, revenge, TIT FOR TAT, vengeance

his identity revealed; reveal: uncover, to blow the cover, re-, ‘opposite of’ + velare, ‘to cover, veil’, veil, cover

his cover was blown allegedly by the ISI; ISI, inter-service intelligence

the purposeful leaking of identity, purposeful: having a definit goal, intended, on purpose, deliberately.

the CIA  official was rushed out of the agency’s massive station in Islamabad, be rushed out of … :

the CIA official’s continued presence in the Pakitani capital posed a serious threat to; pose:

suspect that operatives of Pakistan’s powerful spy service; operative: a secret agent, spy.

have a hand in … -> take a hand in… -> hand in glove.

for a civil lawsuit filed in Brooklyn; lawsuit filed in Brooklyn:

the development brings a new low in the relationship between …; low: low point.

have strained of late; of late: in the period shortly or immdiately preceing, recently.
in Afghanistan hinging;  hinge: joint.

imprudent not to act; imprudent: not sensible, usually to indicate a proper manner of spending money.

was reportedly facing threats to his life in the wake of these ; reportly:used for showing that you are not certain that something you are reporting is true:

would sue them if he ws not paid USD; sue: charge.

come at a worse time; come at:


For a very long time have been considering to upgrade the english reading and writing skill, but never find where to start with, it looks like being stuck within a bottleneck.  In words in  a literature encoutered could be easily recognized and understood, but it falls completely different when composing sentences. In fact there could be bundles of word to use, but just can’t call them in mind.

// 中午去吃了传说中的BIANGBIANG面,以前有一回在西安的面馆里其实真想尝尝这个BIANGBINAG面,但是就是不知道怎么叫,没好意思说:老板,给我那个面~