Since 2 days ago I have been trying to verify the finger print using the tempate restore from the mysql database  but never find out the reason why the verification operation fails. today I must match the stored finger  print temlate and the sampled finger print feature set. After checking out bundles of web site but I found nothing related to the verification failure. BTW I use the free One Touch SDK and URU4500 scanner. Actually I was in deep desperation when none of the web sites explain why the verification fails. I found the finger print template data contains nothing if I use memory stream to rebuild the template, and the memory stream retrieves the data from byte array using Write method.

Under the condition that the memroy stream Write method doesn’t work, I had to try finger print template’s another deserialize method, Deserialize, fortunately, it works.

right index finger print verified

nothing in finger print template if restored from memory stream